You’re paying for Clutter

Any wedding with a big number of guests invited, also has a big number of people trying to put it together. A number of photographers and video crew  trying their best to document everything possible. This could get crowded.

Sometimes guests who have travelled from far, barely get to see any of the rituals. All they see is backs of the documenting crew. Its a matter of choices I think. A matter of planning. If you  visualise 8-10 people around you all the time with those big lights and equipment, you would perhaps cut down the numbers, or plan the lighting better.

The realisation that it’s now too late… the realisation that the documenting people are now are a part of the set… and a part of the picture is unfortunately only obvious in retrospect.

If your only worry is that a single team of 2 photographers is not enough to capture everything then have a word with your photographer and see the body of work to get a good idea on what to expect. There is really no point of having 3-4 sets of exactly same images. And all those guys fighting each other for a good spot, which results in bad vibes at the shoot and demotivated photographers.  It is your job to convince your parents that 2 professional photographers can capture all kinds of images at any wedding, and that’s all you need. 

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