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    July   2014

    Every wedding is unique of course. In so many ways that its difficult to count. Its simpler to recount ways in which you remember each wedding. When someone asks me about my favorite wedding, or when I bump into an old client, or even when they call me, I think of those pictures which left a lasting impression on me.

    Beyond documentation, I consumed it as a participant of that moment. I lived it too. Its almost like 2 people within you at that moment. The photographer who is in a sweeping hurry, and the person inside who is being dragged into this commercial exercise. However  'professional'  you think you might be its difficult to keep that other quiet for the entire duration.

    These few pics are a recent example of some impressions at an outing. The fan here was my dearest ally in this hot week. It served many other people with equal devotion. The green Jalebi was a first for me. I had never seen it. I did taste it too of course out of curiosity. Let me inform you that it tasted exactly as revolting as it appears.

    The picture of the kid can shake you a little. A moment on many realities. The kid was upset with other kids during their game, and was narrating his sorrow to dear dad. Wailing and waiting for him to be told "It's alright, everything is fine. I am here." Sometimes... you want to hear those words more than once. They come from your dad. And that's all you want to hear any time. What's wrong in another coating of love.

    Desperate to extend his moment with his dad, the kid pulled on his own cheeks for the camera. With that flash I thought I had a grabbed a wonderful moment. But when I keep going back to it I realise, it was that moment which has grabbed me forever.