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  • Just five thousand?

    July   2015

    Many a times I am met with a shocked reaction from the clients. Its when they learn that all I collect from them, till the wedding is a mere five thousand rupees. A token to block my dates. "That's all!?" they ask unbelievably.

    It's not difficult to understand why though. Most Top wedding photographers in Bangalore, expect a 40-50% advance payment and have a strict contract. Some have conditions about cancellation, or travel, or payment terms. But most do expect a sizeable sum before the wedding. Well the best wedding photographers in Bangalore and India would of course follow a discipline which fits them the best. And its fair.

    But for me I feel wedding is a very serious affair and there is no reason not to trust someone. The clients have a thousand decisions to take and no one wants keep changing plans or vendors. The five thousand token advance is enough demonstration of intent for them to hire me. Sometimes if they book my flight tickets, I consider that as confirmation too and ink the dates in my calendar.

    The rest is collected during or after the wedding as per the client's preferences, because it takes 4 weeks for the images to process, it offers enough time for them to complete payments. I rarely ever had to remind any client to complete payment. I've trusted all my clients completely and have never been let down w.r.t payments. I guess trust is infectious. The more you give, the more you get back in return.