We were very happy hiring Ankit for our wedding. He was flexible, adjusting and very creative. He mingled in the wedding crowd seamlessly and captured some beautiful moments. He is professional and efficient, we did not have to wait for the pictures and of course we were very happy with the results. The photobook he made is also quite elegant and we've enjoyed looking at it several times. He can make your special day even more memorable.
Parul, Indore
Had a great experience having Ankit as our wedding photographer. Like every other couple we were too, worried about our wedding pictures. Ankit was super helpful right from when we spoke for the first time till we got our wedding picture photobooks. His help and expertise go beyond just taking wonderful pictures. Helped us all the way from choosing which color clothes to wear for our pre wedding photo shoot which would make the pictures look better to how and what to choose for our wedding photobooks. Needless to say, all our worries were eased off after we spoke to him and the pictures were simply AMAZING, better than we even expected them to be. We had 4 day wedding and must say, each events and moments were captured magnificently. Love his style of shooting. Super flexible guy. His skills and patience are commendable. Thank you much Ankit. - Aayushi & Jalark
Jalark, Ahmedabad
Photographs last a lifetime and we wanted to make sure that we had the best photographer to capture our engagement and wedding. My husband and I spent weeks researching, to find the perfect photographer- and we were not disappointed when we found Ankit. He was very professional and extremely easy to work with. Ankit made sure that his work didn't obstruct or interrupt the festivities and was almost invisibly recording the events. This is a huge pro as compared to other photographers who almost tend to be a nuisance. His amicable and accommodating personality, with his occasional take on humor (all the while maintaining a straight face) made working with him enjoyable. When we got the pictures, we were awed! Every moment, every expression, every emotion was so beautifully captured, it allowed us to relive the whole experience. He was prompt, detailed and very responsive while delivering great quality pictures. Our album was also very classy and compact. I would highly recommend Ankit and hope I get an opportunity to use his photographic skills again soon!
Parul, Indore
Creative, Committed and simplistic are some words that I'd use to describe Ankit. What I liked about him the most was the ease with which one can connect with him. His spontaneity in shooting certain moments is brilliant. It resulted in us getting a picture of a lifetime - something my wife and I would cherish forever! This guy is patient, observant and has an eye - I love how he made the entire experience look so magical! I have and would continue to recommend him to others for sure.
Ahanya Mathew, Chennai
Ankit is an AMAZING photographer. He is a very down to earth guy and easy going. During the chaos and stress that come with planning a wedding, Ankit definitely helped to lighten the load. Very professional and what you see is what you get, no surprises. He never demanded anything at any time and was willing to work around our schedule. We have recommended him to a couple of our friends and not one person has had a bad thing to say. Very pleased with his work. The pictures were beautiful! They looked as though they were shot for a professional magazine. He is able to capture the perfect emotion in one shot. Thank you again Ankit for everything! -Jigar & Akshi
Akshita Patel, Ahmedabad
Ankit is first and foremost a very down-to-earth guy, and that is important, because, most photographers want to be the wedding candid photographer only when the wedding is a super fancy affair. Ours was a simple affair - mehendi at home, a simple ceremony with few family and friends and a slightly bigger reception. Ankit did a fantastic job at all the events and helped capture some really beautiful moments for us. He has the patience, creativity and ideas to get the best out of what is available. Absolutely loved his work during our wedding and I always recommend him to my friends and family. Thanks Ankit!
Priyanka Prakash, Bengaluru
Ankit was extremely professional. He picked right time of the day where light was ambient for a couple's shoot. He was patient and did a fantastic job capturing the mood and spirit of our wedding. He handed over the photos in a timely manner despite his busy schedule. I hold his work in high esteem and would definitely recommend him for your photography needs.
Raghunandan Ranganath, Bengaluru
Ankit and his team were extremely adjusting and professional during our events. Ankit is one of those people who has such a passion for what he does that is easily shows in the quality of what he produces. There were no points at which we felt uncomfortable with him and his team. His team sort of blended into the background and took some amazing photos and videos. The wedding day was very special for us. Ankit and his team made it even more special by capturing it for us. We recommended him to a family member who just got married a few months ago. They were also very happy with him. I wish him all the best.
Ashir Patel, Anand
Ankit is an excellent photographer! My wife and I were very pleased by the results and would highly recommend him.
Rajat Maheshwari, Dehradun