Sue + Conrad

I liked clients who know what they want. Carolyn was one of them. She was one of the few clients who kinda saw the pictures in her head before the wedding evening took place. And so she planned for all small little details and photo opps.

She and Conrad picked an interesting new venue in Bangalore named Shibryavi and their friends and family decorated it with love an enthusiasm. You will see in these pictures the kind of detailing which we went into, to get the right shots. Planned shots. Empty, clean rooms. And the decor elements looking proper.

She was also one of those brides who thought all the 1000s of pictures look like straight out of a magazine. So I had a tough time explaining to her that you get about 150-200 great! shots from every wedding and many other bonus shots. But to have a 1000 brilliant shots, the wedding needs to be 3 day long or more.

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