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  • No one likes you!

    November   2015

    Don't do this please! If you go to weddings and take pictures of others with your phone camera, please make sure that you are not in some one else's way. A professional photographer might be anticipating a moment and waiting for a picture. Ready in his/her spot with the right settings, lenses, exposure etc. Then you stick your out hand with an ugly rectangular object and kill it all. It is exactly the same people who break queues at the airports and ticketing counters, who stand before aircraft lands, who park in the disabled parking. Is it possible for you to be a little mindful of your surroundings? You know ... there could be a photographer behind you with a big ass camera on a big ass project. Or your big ass kid might have run away. Or your big ass wife might be chatting up some gora you find at weddings these days. So why don't you do us all a fucking favour and keep your shit phone in your bedroom to make shady home porn and never show it the light of the day!

    And what exactly do you think you will achieve with this photo? Are the couple going to use it? Will it be printed? Are you going to win a fastest finger first contest? Are you checking your 4G speed? Its a useless photo which only makes you happy. Instead why not care for many other people's happiness. e.g. the ones getting married or their parents who paid for it. Or the hundred others who are waiting got official pics. But what would you like instead? For me to tell them, you were in my way? Don't be this person please. I beg you. Really.