May I help you?

Long long ago… not in FB terms (that’s yesterday), I mean really long long ago as in 2 decades ago, when I went to a wedding with my parents, I was overjoyed with the presence of a Chaat stall and at another wedding an espresso stall. I suddenly started looking forward to these outings, expecting ‘new stuff’.

Fast forward by a decade and on a bitterly cold December evening in Gwalior, I saw a DJ belting out desi-disco beats. To which mostly kids and pre-teens were shaking their socks off on a makeshift dance floor. I was happily shocked. After all this was a mildly conservative family and city in general but they had no problems egging on their kids to a Choli ke Peeche remix.

Fast Forward by another decade and I had my first brush with a new concept. Hostesses at Indian weddings. Why not I thought. Its a mark of luxury some feel. You’ll see them at an uptown restaurant. You’ll see them in private airlines, spas, farm house parties and help-desks. So is this really a mark of luxury? or is it about adding a bit of ‘softness’ to the reception.

Who are these girls (and boys)? What are their dreams? What are they thinking? Well one of them actually put her thoughts in words and told me “please don’t upload my pictures anywhere, my family should not know about this.” A few moments later I realised why her request was futile and what she actually meant. The hostesses were serving the maid-servants of the Groom’s family. She was angry that this new money, this short skirt, this lip gloss and this coolness still can’t save her from serving a maid servant. Full circle?

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