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    July   2014

    A friend of mine, also a Photographer was stressing on the importance that couples give to wedding photography today. It's true and isn't that why I write this blog? duh! Anyway it still is a nascent market in many ways. Not if you measure by enthusiasm. Not at all. But by aesthetic standard, we are really far behind the rest of the world. <br/><br/> Aesthetics suffer because of multiple reasons. One of course is the dearth of available options in wedding decor. The other being a quick negotiation of quality over lower social expectations and an ever lower desire to shell out on "flowers". That's what it really is. We feel that a grand flower arrangement means a check in the box for decor. But right now here we are only scraping the surface of the truth. The truth is much deeper though.  It involves knowing the Indian social behaviour. But lets leave that for some other day, shall we? <br/><br/> Let's just look at evidence. We think of many things and check many boxes, but I really wish every couple also sat quietly for 5 minutes with eyes closed to Visualise how it will all unfold on their big day. At least at the important functions. For instance, can they see ugly poly bags that the Punditji would be carrying and ruining many pictures, can they see the giant lights some studio photographers will insist on bringing and shoving in the 8x8 mandap? Can they visualise the carpet on the stage? how it will be joined together , or will it be taped. See evidences in these pictures on your right. If you can perhaps visualise it all, you can prepare for it all. <br/><br/> And if nothing, at least the Punditji could be given a colorful cloth bag (preferably with the theme colors) to bring his stuff in. Or better still, give him an interesting antique wooden box. It will add charm to your Mandap. Or perhaps you might think of an even better idea. Close your eyes.