Insider or Outsider?

Where does one belong? A question which is not really question but an interesting cocktail of a feeling and a trailing thought.  Am I from the bride’s side or her parents? Or am I one of the many contractors in this wedding? Do my opinons matter? Am I a friend or just an observer?

I have helped a groom with a knot. Helped a bride get bangles on (polybag trick). Definitely feel like an insider when I am allowed in the Bridal make-up room and ‘the brother’ is not. I feel like a friend when the bride looks at me and makes a complaining face “been standing and smiling with this heavy stuff for hours now!” .  I am asked about the size of Bindi and the color of shirt for the pre-wedding shoot.

Language is perhaps the only villian which casts me as an outsider. I have shot weddings in Gujrati, Punjabi, Marathi, Telugu, Kannada, Hindi, Tamil etc and this is when the truth really comes out. When I stupidly smile at something which is not a joke. Met with a “oh!..  we thought you are bride’s friend from Bangalore”.

But after its all settled down and we (me and the couple) don’t speak for weeks, you feel the distance again. But only till… till the time they see their images from their wedding again. After which I see myself tagged in FB pictures, and I know I have earned another 2 friends and I am a definitely an insider :)

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