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  • The importance of editing a wedding collection.

    February   2018

    Identify a pretty face. Point camera. Click button. And you are done. Right? Do it 1000 times and you have a wedding collection, right? Wrong!

    After the 1000s of photos we click, comes the process of image review or culling, where we (photographers and editors) try to create a timeline with pictures which is true to the setting, the story and the emotions all around during the wedding.

    Now Imagine this. You are the bride and you are viewing 100s of images from your Sangeet, all happy, cheerful and full of festivity and laughter. And then in the pack as you scroll forward you see this image (shown here). Suddenly a series of new thoughts and questions come rushing to your mind. Who is he? Why is he looking at her like that? Are they related? Is this normal? We don't know! But as an editor we definitely do know that this picture will certainly break the sequence of the pictures you were viewing. It will change the viewer's mood. It may take away that smile too. Do we want that? Not sure.

    Also, its worth pointing out that our jobs as photographers is to witness the festivities and document creatively on what unfolded. Its not our job to speculate or comment on the unsaid. Keeping that in mind as well, this picture goes out of the selections.

    These decisions and many more complete the 'culling' / shortlisting process for the wedding edit. And then we proceed to enhance them a bit digitally for colour, contrast and axis correction if required. No wonder it takes many weeks to go through 1000s of pictures.We sincerely hope that each time the wait is definitely worth your while.