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  • How wedding planners affect Photography.

    September   2014

    If you've thought of getting a wedding planner for your wedding, I would second that plan as its a great idea. Not only does it make your life very easy and manageable, but mine as well.

    But first let me dispel the notion that all wedding planners are expensive or you should get a planner only if you are spending 50 Lakhs plus on a wedding. There are wedding planners at different kinds of budgets and even intimate weddings can look better with more efficient planning. It just means that you need to shop for one which suits your budget and understands your personality type.

    For me as a photographer it is a blessing to have a planner for various reasons. But firstly and most importantly its the scheduling. Even before the wedding we all sit with the family and planners and go over all details and that helps us prepare better for the shoot. We know our call times better, the flow of events and when we can take breaks during the ceremonies to recharge the batteries or transfer images from cards.

    In an Indian setting its even more important, because as it is there is so much chaos and everyone wants to have a say. The uncle wants to be as efficient as your dad and all aunties have one demand each. All kids could be running in same direction together, or different directions, both of which are worrisome prospects.  With the wedding planner in the picture, the authority is established for the event and everyone knows who is responsible for the flow of things and who to listen to.

    Small things like when the bride is about to enter the Mandap, or when the groom is ready for a quick 10 minute shoot during the make-up session is only possible with a wedding planner. I have shot dozens of weddings and I can tell you from experience that even if its a small wedding and the father or brother becomes the lead planner, its possible for them to get 90% things right. Like getting all vehicles to ferry people on time, getting pundit ji his gear or getting flower decoration in place. Yes all this is manageable and possible, but the final 10%, about how the bride will get to Mandap, is she happy? did the groom eat anything? Did the make-up artist arrive on time? Are brides friends' ready to receive her? With flowers in their hands? May be a dad / brother can not go that distance and that's why you need a professional.

    And if you all leave it to professionals and can relax instead for those few days and truly enjoy it, as a once in a lifetime gift, I guess all in the family will look more relaxed and will smile a lot more. And that makes for great pictures.  Would you rather have a tense dad at the wedding? or a happy one who also has time for a jig on the dance floor? I'd vote for the latter any day of the week. And I hope you do too.

    PS: If you're looking for suggestions in Bangalore, try WeddingTales. Those girls know their business inside out.