What is Candid Photography?

Candid Photography is a photojournalistic approach to clicking pictures as and when any interesting or plot revealing moments appear, without tampering with the subject or moment. Some people confuse candid photography with good looking portraits. Which is a separate genre of photos altogether.
Do you do Portraits?

Yes we do Bridal and couple portraits during the wedding and around all important functions, when we get time.
How many photographers in your team shoot a typical wedding?

Typically 2 photographers shoot at any wedding since sometimes there are some functions happening simultaneously. Many a times I shoot alone too.
What kind of equipment do you use?

We use the most modern full frame cameras and top of the line lenses to capture moments in high speed and low light , as is required in most weddings.
Do we need to hire a traditional photographer too?

No you don't need to. As we don't shoot for a limited number of pictures. We shoot all important functions in full detail.We even shoot group shots when requested sometimes. You might onlyneed a traditional photographer for a theatre style stage reception. And we can arrange for that as well.
How much do you charge?

Please check this link to get a sense on usual charges. However a customised quote is prepared for each wedding depending on the schedule shared with us.
How long do you take to deliver images?

We share few quick pictures in the first week itself and then deliver all the edited pictures in about 4 weeks from the wedding day.
Do we need to pay for rentals?

No. All the rentals required for Photography are included in the costs.
How long before the wedding should we make a booking?

6 months is a fair period to book your photographer in India. Most clients book us usually 3 months or so in advance. While in some rare cases clients book us a full year in advance. It depends on your planning style too.
What about Photobooks?

We help clients with the design and layout of up to 2 photobooks from the choicest of pictures from the wedding. Clients are requested to shortlist about 100 pictures for each photobook which are then sent to the chosen printer. Canvera and Kodak are the most popular choices amongst my clients. But we’d happily help with you any other brand as well. The printing cost of these books is borne by the clients.
What is the approach to image editing?

The image editing and enhancements are used to merely boost the colors and contrasts and remove minor errors in the pictures. We don’t employ heavy editing tools to make pictures look gaudy or unreal. If you have a specific look in mind, do share before the editing work on the pictures begins.
How can I make payments?

The token advances or final payments can be made to the Studio ANK account, the details for which will be shared with you when the payments are due.
Are there do’s and dont’s for clients to remember?

Yes quite a few actually, and i will share these with you when we approach the preparation stage, through our conversations.