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    July   2014

    I am not a big fan of Salman Khan. Though I do like him. I am not a big fan of kachra movies either. Though I do like watching them.

    So why am I pasting a 2 min clip for you to see here. If you crawl towards the end of this otherwise meaningless clip, you'd get to the popular "ek baar maine commitment..." discourse. I have heard this from Salman over 50 times. Commitment, COMMITMENT, commitMENT, COMMITment....I have also heard it from my prospective clients countless times. Though the choice of words is usually different. "We love your work..." to "Of course you will now be shooting all the weddings in our family" ... to an emotional "Of course yaa, do you know how long it took me to find you!?" And lets just say I am a sucker for emotional and sentimentalism. Occupational hazard you see. And I fall for it every single time. Most of these people do exactly as they say and stick to their commitment. But I have burnt myfingers on 3 occasions this year alone. And one was as recent as last weekend. Prompting me to write this.

    Not only does it affect my mood, but also the calendar for that month. Some shoot days will now shift to editing. Edit to NBD, and NBD to photobook reviews (I just threw in New Business Development's acronym there to sound cool.) But its really quite a pissing off feeling. To avoid which I have now started insisting on token advances. The token advances are so small that they usually go towards booking of tickets. With the ticket comes a calendar entry. And only then do I stop taking calls about that date.

    क्यूँकी एक बार मैंने कमिटमेंट कर दी तो फिर मैं अपने आप की भी नहीं सुनता !!!