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  • Cinematography for your wedding?

    May   2015

    We're all moving with the times. Most of us are. Some leading the line, some following the leaders. And this can be seen among wedding videos as well. The new trend of having a shorter, crisper montage film which is smartly shot with a modern aesthetic is of course in vogue. It makes sense. Who has more than 5 minutes to spare today, specially if it's someone else's wedding :) And hence when everything is on FB now, why not even your wedding's film.

    It's your big day and everyone already thinks you are a bollywood lead pair for that day. So why not go the full distance and string some memories with motion and sound. It does sound interesting and there are plenty of quality examples on the web to look at and dream of your own.

    Easier said than done though. Unlike Photography, where you can check the Photographers' quality of output and brief him about the schedule and then relax knowing you are in expert hands, here in the world of video you have to invest more time. What should the sound track be like? What all do we want shot? How long should it be? Is there a specific mood you are going for? Is there a story you want to piece together? All this requires deliberation and honesty with your film crew. You need to invest time with them and open up and share your likes & dislikes in detail. Just because you liked a video online with an interview does not mean it might work for you too. Be realistic about your goals and help your team prepare well, to get the most out of your big day.

    The common approach to making wedding films is still pretty basic. Shoot all you can. Scan through for interesting shots. Piece them together with interesting music and voila we have a wedding film. None looking different than the other. I'd suggest tell your team to NOT shoot everything. Concentrate on specific events and people. Have a story line in mind. If you have interviews, then have a script ready. Decide on your choice of music before hand so the crew shoot with a specific film speed and edit in mind.

    Think of other practical terms as well. Most videos (including the one in my reel) borrow popular songs and somehow get away without permissions. But they can banned in a few countries for copyright infringement. You could invest in a soundtrack for yourself, or pick from one of the free online libraries.

    And this is why it is expensive as well. There's a lot which goes in its planning and execution, besides the basic production cost. And when you are spending a significant sum on it, I'd suggest you spend a few more minutes too.