When creativity trumps candid.

I have shot couples before their wedding, after their wedding and during their wedding. This is perhaps a little challenging for most candid wedding photographers, for these kind of pictures require you to step out of the creative documentation arena, and step into a pure creation arena. It requires
thinking on your feet, making the most of the location, a good understanding of natural postures and expressions, and most importantly a very good rapport with the couple.

Some of the these pictures were shot during the wedding or during one of the intervals between ceremonies, while others were shot on days dedicated for a couple shoot. It depends again on your calendar and your ideas on how you want to be captured. I love it when couples are excited about these pictures. Sometimes brides send me references of ideas they had in mind. And then I improvise upon them. Though some are purely based on the location chosen.

I usually never ask for more than 2-3 hours for this session. Speaking like a chef, this recipe requires, relaxation, preparation, creativity and dash of humor. As it simmers you start seeing this dish slowly turning into something with gorgeous colors and aroma. And this they’ll remember for a life time. So will I.