What is Candid photography?

A wide perception of it, today is a reasonably well dressed person taking a picture which looks blurred in parts and looks not so posed. And that's the big gap right there in understanding. A gap in which photographers dime-a-dozen are mushrooming for perhaps they could fit into this simple definition. Half baked thoughts and random bokehs of shoes & kids at weddings is not candid. I have shot for some clients (luckily only few) who should have really gone for the DSLR=Candid kind of photographers. Or even a conventional photo studios would have sufficed their needs. After all Photo journalism is not for everyone. Just like Mozart. Not everyone digs it. And why should they, if tastes in their life are different. You could be a Mika fan. Nothing wrong with that. Why pick a photographer who is serious about photojournalism and expect him to click sepia-smiley shots. Anyone can do that.

A good chemistry is a must when one goes out hunting for a candid wedding photographer. You must also know and understand your own needs as a client on what you expect from the pictures. Do you only and only care about candid moments and would you be happy with just 50 or so pictures from the entire wedding, or would you rather see yourself in bling and jazz. In bright colors & glossy hair. What percentage of your pictures would be portraits (perhaps posed) and how many candid. And portraits are not always bad. Look at examples from the west where excessive attention is paid to each portrait.

Some even shot with artificially made sets or in exotic locales. Both of which are expensive. A good portrait is a memory of how you looked, felt that day and what your ideas at that point in time were.

There is nothing wrong in desiring a mix of candid & good portraits. But be sure what you want. And tell your wedding photographer what you expect. Here are a few examples of Candid pictures at the many weddings I've been to.