What is Candid photography?

Wedding Photography has really outgrown the label of candid today. In 2018, almost a decade after the catchphrase 'candid photography' was coined, we are now in a phase where its perhaps more appropriate to call it Contemporary Wedding Photography. Yes there is a big section of work which is unplanned, on the spur and as it happens. But there is also a significant chunk of the wedding photos in the collection which are planned for documenting the wedding ensembles, the couple's portraits, family portraits, shots of the venue and wedding details like cakes, engagement rings, shoes etc. They are all important and a part of the photo bank for each couple.

Candid photos often bring a smile to your face, and may be sometimes a tear. Definitely helps you relive your big day through another set of eyes. There are things you can imagine before hand like your cake and how the venue would look, but there is no way of knowing how people would react at the wedding and what expressions interactions we may chance upon. Candid photos help you relive the energy on the day and many unseen interactions/expressions.

Its absolutely alright to desire a mix of candid photos & portraiture. If you are sure of what you want, then tell your wedding photographer what you expect. It may result in a more wholesome set of wedding photographs.