The most beautiful women I've met.

Every time I see a Bride, she seems to be the most beautiful person in the world. Not every bride, but my brides, the ones I am shooting. Because I can see the effort they put in to their wedding. I can see how hard they have worked to get everything right. It then is a testament of a young girl growing into a beautiful and confident lady. It's a small demonstration of what she has learnt from experiences and what she is capable of in life.

It's beautiful to see the emotions on her face as she finally gets ready to exchange the wedding vows.

Sometimes a bit hesitant, a little nervous. Some times almost panicking and some times as calm as a lake. As the make up comes close to finishing touches you can see the pride, acknowledgement of her beauty in her own eyes. And that is just wonderful to witness.

Conventional bridal portraits are therefore never as exciting as the making of the bride. I am lucky that most of the brides I have shot for understand this.