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  • Bad negotiator

    June   2017

    I'm that. I suck at it. More of a yes & no person. Go or no-go. I like to keep it simple. I like to quote realistically and then try never to negotiate. I request clients to never organise a meeting just to talk about money. Its embarrassing haggling over a few thousands. Before you scoff, perhaps it may be ok for some. But not for me. I also respect people's time and their word and expect them to return the favour.

    One such incident happened yesterday. This was the 2nd meeting the client was insisting. No, not the bride (or groom) who chose my work over others. No not even the brother who sent me the schedule. It was the eldest brother who runs the money show in the house. As much as I hate it, I did go to the last meeting and after discussing the schedule details and changes and hearing out their budget limitations and requests I did send a final amount. And then there was another meeting I was called for. Every molecule in my body was revolting to show up for that. "Just tell me its not ok and I am fine with it goddamnit" Deal or no deal. Can't we keep it simple?" I had played out the charade in my mind before the meeting actually happened. And it almost followed the scheme of things I had anticipated. Pleasantries exchanged. Something sweet offered to eat / drink. Then the replay of schedule and a request to change my numbers. Then my shaking head with a fake smile pasted across my face. Random Studio quotes being shown to me to affect the shaking head. Futile. Followed by a new number pencilled in for me. More head shaking ensued and the fake smile started to wane. This may appear crazy now, but a certain sense of sadness had started setting in. I knew this was going to go one way. The big brother then shoved a wad of money in my hand and smiled at me to shake my hand calling it a deal. Yes I took it. Closed my eyes. Deeply and for long. I had done it again. I walked out.

    I was sad at making money? No. At an opportunity to shoot another wedding? No. Not at all. Just at the fact that my last word at the last meeting did not matter at all. Me hearing them out completely and respecting their word and time last time did not matter at all. There was another round of negotiations required. That's how 'dhandha' works. I have lots to learn.