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  • Attention seekers.

    July   2014

    There are things that I worry about. Like being late, equipment error, missing a flight etc, and then there are things I am scared of. On top in that list is the attention seekers.

    This is that Aunty/Uncle/Cousin/Friend who suddenly decides to grab the mic (virtually of course) and take center stage. They have the captive audience and no one is going to protest.

    "Aapke staff ko bolo, shoes nikalne ko"
    "aye  photographer, mera ek photo nikalo"
    And my fav "Agar Photo achcha nahi aya to samajh lena!"

    This is a long list of things which are said, but not meant. All they want is attention. Anyone could be at the receiving end of it. Light, decor, planner, DJ, caterer or me. I prefer to keep my head down and  carry on with the assignment in hand. Even if it means click a quick picture and move on. Some photographers I know who refuse to concede and spell out a big NO. Risking more time spent on explanation and argument. Something I cant afford. Time.

    I don't know the reasons behind this behaviour. I don't know their back-ground, upbringing, education, family issues or medical history. I don't need to know and I couldn't care less.