These are stories I witness at weddings. Things I see. Things I learn. Some of the notes here are to help my clients plan their weddings better. Others are just interesting observations and stories at weddings. Some are amusing, others insightful. A certain insight into how I think.

When you are deciding on a wedding photographer, its important to know who you are hiring as a person. Because you're going to entrust your most precious moments with this person. And so it will certainly help to have an insight on whether you think alike, or appreciate each other's preferences and point of views.

A Royal Wedding in Rajasthan

When 120 guests from all over the globe descended at Khimsar Haveli and sand dunes near Jodhpur, the festivities saw colors mingle like never before.

Bindu + Sanjeev

This is one of the most adorable weddings I’ve ever shot. It was an intimate and well planned event. Kiinjal Mehta ensured that Bindu looked absolutely stunning in traditional Tamil ensemble for her wedding and classier in a gown for her reception. The star of the show however was their little daughter. So involved in […]

Sue + Conrad

I liked clients who know what they want. Carolyn was one of them. She was one of the few clients who kinda saw the pictures in her head before the wedding evening took place. And so she planned for all small little details and photo opps. She and Conrad picked an interesting new venue in […]

Agatha + Rupen

A fairytale wedding in Rajasthan. 100 guests. 10 countries represented. 1 Photographer. Throw in oodles of joy and festivity Punjabi + Polish style and voila!

Ash + Keshav

This was a grand affair in Bangalore. And the stage for it was set by the groom’s mother about the importance of the wedding and the extent of attention to detail required for all preparation given that dignitaries like P Chidambaram and many high officials were likely to witness the festivities at Taj Westend. A […]

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Deepali + Praveen

Deepali was perhaps the most soft spoken person I ever shot for. I held that notion till I met Praveen who was even more mellow, gentle, kind hearted. It came through in their wedding film as well, and the couple’s simplicity and warmth made this wedding even better for me to shoot. This wedding was […]

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Keerti + Patrick

Had an Irish gf once, but never shot for someone from Ireland before and there were about 3 dozen of them here, making a sprightly half of the otherwise intimate wedding. Keerti looked gorgeous as she hired 2 of cities best Make Up artists and handpicked her ensemble and many others. She could be a […]

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Aashana + Nitant

Rare occasion where the childhood sweethearts married each other. And the venue? familiar backdrop to where their love for each other blossomed and their future was entwined forever. So one of the days prior to the wedding we visited Palm Meadows in Bangalore to get a few couple portraits for the so-in-love couple. These pictures […]

Natasha + Rohit

When Natasha married Rohit last year in August 2015, it was one of the biggest weddings in Bangalore in 2015. Festivities continued till early morning every day for almost 4 days and the guests from all over the world truly got soaked in Punjabi style of fun and festivities. The full wedding had over 2000 […]

Why is Candid Expensive?

Candid Wedding Photography is expensive than usual. While some Photographers scribble imaginary numbers in estimates and wish for the best. It is fair to say that a candid photographer will charge more, but that’s not just becuase he/she speaks better english and is more presentable. There are other expenses like: – Expensive equipment & L […]

You’re paying for Clutter

Any wedding with a big number of guests invited, also has a big number of people trying to put it together. A number of photographers and video crew  trying their best to document everything possible. This could get crowded. Sometimes guests who have travelled from far, barely get to see any of the rituals. All […]

Staying awake

This was a big day for me. Not as in an occasion, but as in schedule. Woke up early to leave for blr airport, travelled to hyderabad. Shot a wedding all evening and then we had a 3 hour break between ceremonies. 12am-3am. (You read that right) My hotel was far from here and so I […]

May I help you?

Long long ago… not in FB terms (that’s yesterday), I mean really long long ago as in 2 decades ago, when I went to a wedding with my parents, I was overjoyed with the presence of a Chaat stall and at another wedding an espresso stall. I suddenly started looking forward to these outings, expecting ‘new stuff’. Fast forward […]

Can’t Stop Moving

A wedding is filled with joyous and happy moments. One of my favorites is definitely when the music starts playing. I prefer the Dhol to the DJ, but hey its not my wedding. I am just happy to see people join in to show their happiness and the spirit of celebration. Do we Indians need […]


More and more couples are now warming up to a nice coffee table book. And there are a few options in India to choose from these days. Choose a coffee table photobook which is the Editor’s copy of the choicest pictures from the wedding weaved together to craft a story line of the joyous moments. […]

Beyond weddings

I shoot a lot of weddings, yes. But I also shoot for other projects. I shoot products, interiors, food and portraits. I am trained in lighting and my experiences with shooting different subjects opens up new perspectives which I can then use for weddings. And vice-versa is true as well. I learn a lot at […]

Insider or Outsider?

Where does one belong? A question which is not really question but an interesting cocktail of a feeling and a trailing thought.  Am I from the bride’s side or her parents? Or am I one of the many contractors in this wedding? Do my opinons matter? Am I a friend or just an observer? I […]

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Ujwala + Francis

Ujwala is a designer by profession and a romantic by personality. Francis on the other hand is all about humor and wit. And they have some of the most adorable and doting friends you’ll see. A north Indian girl marrying a good chrisitan boy from south India? Yes we’re heard that story before haven’t we? […]

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Syma’s Nikah

It was a pleasure to shoot an elegant muslim wedding for Syma in Bangalore. It was intimate, it was emotional, and the food was brilliant. can you believe it, the bride designed her own lehenga!!!

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Shikha + Varun

Once in a while there is a wedding which I want to shoot ‘Dil De’. When you totally fall in love with the family. Everything becomes your own too. Their laughter, their cheers, their tears. Shikha and Varun dote on each other and their families even more. What a pleasure it was to be a […]