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The wedding enviroment presents a huge bouquet of colorful opportunities. This is one of them.

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Both the colors and moods are vibrant at Indian weddings.

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The more relaxed the couple are, the easier it is to shoot.

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'Adalaj ki Vav' in Ahmedabad was one of the most spell-binding locales I've shot in.

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Sometimes a story is best told in its subtlety.

image 6

Color chaos at an Iyengar Bhrahim wedding in Bangalore.

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A good location is best used in ways least obvious.

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I love the bridal makeup sessions. Gives me a lot of content for my blog :)

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Destination weddings and themed events are fun 'if' you can have time alone with the couple.

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I never ask my brides and grooms to look at me delibrately, sometimes they just do during conversation.

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Sangeet at weddings is difficult to shoot for me, because I feel like dancing too.

image 12

Shooting weddings, I click most picture for my clients. And some for myself :)

image 13

Some stories don't need words, just read it in the eyes.

image 14

Couple shoots are always fun. For the couple and me of course.

image 15

Don't overlook a Star Hotel for couple shoot, if you're staing there anyway.

image 16

For weddings I hardly ever do b/w pictures. Very rarely.

image 17

Milk shots to end a beautifully ornagised Kashi yatra, during an Iyengar wedding, Bangalore

image 18

Sometimes I just do couple assignments, even if I am not shooting the wedding.

image 19

Haldi and Mehendi are my favorite rituals at any wedding. Obviously.

image 20

A hearty laugh tells you a lot about the comfort level with the photographer.

image 21

Sometime I direct a couple, sometimes I just watch.

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Welcome to a short selection of pictures dedicated to my wedding photography. These are some of the choicest pictures from Indian weddings that I've shot till last year. Feel free to browse through the links above for pictures on candid photography, bridal portraiture, couple shoots and wedding ceremonies. A new website is under construction which would be more responsive and will feature the latest work. Please bear with me as the full page pictures take a little while to load in this version. And if you like what you see, send me the details of your wedding through the contact information mentioned here, and I will get back to you in double quick time.
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